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УДК 595.384.2 DOI: 10.15853/2072-8212.2018.48.52-61Download the full article

Size-age structure of rock sole Lepidopsetta polyxystra near Southeast Kamchatka in 2003–2016 

Rinata T. Ovcherenko

Size-age composition in the catches of different fishing gears and seasonal and interannual dynamics of rock sole was examined based on materials collected in 2003 and 2005–2016 on the shelf of Southeast Kamchatka in order to provide analysis and characterization for mentioned period. It was found during the work, that the size composition of rock sole was similar in the catches of different fishing gears and in different gulfs of Southeast Kamchatka. That creates possibility to use united data to analyze sspecifics of ize-age composition dynamics in the periods of different intensity of fishery, and in math models to estimate stocks of commercial fish species.

trawl fishery | danish seine fishery | size-age composition | Southeast Kamchatka | rock sole