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УДК 574.3(265.53)639.222.03DOI: 10.15853/2072-8212.2018.48.43-51Download the full article

Productivity and biomass dynamics of pacific hering Clupea pallasii of Tauyskaya Bay in the population structure of the species in the Sea of Okhotsk 

R.R. Yusupov, Elena V. Kashchenko

Biomass dynamics and formation of somatic production of the Tauyskaya Bay herring population and the other populations of this species in the Sea of Okhotsk and adjacent waters were studied on the base of author’s own materials and literature data. It was found, that depending on the features of the body weight growth rates and natural decline with ages, there can be differences between herring populations, illustrated by asymmetry of the biomass dynamics parabolic curves, characterizing different biomass growth or reduction rates. In this parameter the Tauyskaya Bay herring population is close to the Gizhiga-Kamchatka’s population, and both represent  large  population  cluster  of  herring  on  the  southeast  of  Kamchatka.  All  these  populations  are characterized by comparatively slow increase of the biomass with ages and late culmination of the biomass. On the contrary, the Okhotsk population of the species, it being close to the Tauysk herring population in geographical sense, is more similar with the population of the De Castries Bay. Both demonstrate similarity with the population cluster of Eastern Sakhalin. On the productivity index (Р/В-factor), the Tauyskaya Bay herring population is minor comparing to the Gizhiga-Kamchatkan or Okhotsk populations, what can be due to historically small area occupied, limited from the east and west by distribution of mentioned large populations.

the Sea of Okhotsk | productivity | biomass dynamics | Pacific herring