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УДК 575.174.015.3DOI: 10.15853/2072-8212.2018.48.5-18Download the full article

Differentiation of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma)of the Sea of Okhotsk based on the microsatellite loci 

Vladimir V.Savenkov, Nina Yu. Shpigalskaya, Alexander I. Varkentin, Oksana A. Pilganchuk, Uliana O.Muravskaya, Аnna D. Denisenko, Oleg N. Saravanskiy

Results of examination of the variety of 10 microsatellite loci (Gmo34, Gmo35, PGmo32, Gmo3, Gmа102, Gmа106, Gmа108, Gmo-G18, Gmo-С83, Gmo-С86) in samples of walleye pollock from the Sea of Okhotsk are represented in the article. It is demonstrated, that the best differentiators in case of walleye pollock in the Sea of Okhotsk are the loci Gmo-C86 and Gma106. A high level of individual genetic variety within examined samples is revealed. The clusters of the samples are of random nature. It has not found correlation between quantitative values of genetic differences of Fst samples and geographic distances between sampling locations. The hypothesis that there  are separate populations in spawning districts was not confirmed on results of the research.

genetic variety | intraspecific complexity | microsatellite loci | pollock